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New Market Window and Glass Repair experts is a registered business in New Market, ON. We have been in operations for over three years and in that time we have provided quality services to the people of New Market ON.

Our services at New Market Window and Glass Repair ON, to the people of New Market, are not only limited to residential window repairs, our services also extend to Car window repairs ON, Foggy window repairs ON, corporate window repair, and even public center window repairs.
By delivering quality window and glass repair in New Market, ON, we have earned the trust of our clients so much so that we are their first point of call and recommendation to other budding clients

At New Market Window and Glass Repair experts, not only are we particular about being hired by the people, but we also care about their safety and comfort of our clients, and as such we hold three values dear; productivity, which will, in turn, lead to efficiency and enable us to deliver ultimate customer satisfaction.

Our Services;

At New Market Window and Glass Experts, we assess the level of glass damage before embarking on any other thing.No level of glass damage is the same.No level of glass damage is the same.

Be it a baseball through the glass, a crack, or a chip and determine whether or not the glass can be fixed.If the damage is beyond repair, we may suggest a replacement.

As a company policy, we also assess the overall condition of the window for dilapidations that can impede the quality of our work.We draft a quotation and deliver it to the client.

We draft a quotation and deliver it to the client. We await approval or an agreement and then we begin work immediately.We deploy a team of handymen to your home to repair the damaged glass.

Our handymen who have undergone excellent training in window repair and have been trained in customer relations are of a company set standard of professionalism and efficiency.

We offer a warranty on all of our services rendered. If any of the services fall below the expected before the delivery date, we offer a free except the damage was caused by the negligence of the homeowner.

Why not another Window Glass Repair business;

Clients are often seeking value for their money and at New Market Window and Glass, Experts, our qualities align perfectly with what most clients seek in a window and glass repair company


New Market Window and Glass Repair Expert is a certified window and glass business licensed to serve the people of New Market, ON.

Good Reviews

We have a plethora of reviews that attest to our impeccable and meticulous service rendered. We also provide references on demand .


We offer our services within a stipulated time, more often than not; same day services so as not to violate the privacy of our clients .


Our services are easily accessible and affordable, you do not have to take a financial nose dive to fix your windows.

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