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New Market Window and Glass Repair Experts

Window and Glass Repair Experts Newmarket is a registered window and glass business operating in Newmarket, ON.
Our primary objectives include installation, repair, replacement, and even basic fix of all kinds of windows, these include regular windows, aluminum windows, vinyl windows even acrylic glass, to the replacement of window frames, sills, hinges and locks down to caulking sealing and capping.
In the window repair business, we have been in existence for the past five years and in that time we have earned the trust of the people living in Brampton ON, by providing them with safe, sturdy, and thoroughly repaired, replaced, and even installed windows. Because of our services, Brampton is now a safer place for homeowners, public centers, and even corporate companies.
At Window and Glass Repair Brampton Inc. we believe in five core values of work that are interwoven; honesty which leads to healthy competition and then efficiency, productivity, and overall customer satisfaction.
At Window and Glass Repair Brampton Inc., we have high levels of respect for our clients, and as such, we strive to make them comfortable, as well as happy with our service. Our customer relations are also the best in the city.
Not only do we handle residential jobs, but we also repair car windows, office windows, public center windows, etc.

Why should I opt for Sealing and Caulking instead of a window replacement?

We at Window and Glass Repair Experts Newmarket, believe that sealing and caulking your windows is the best considering financial reasons and the following reasons below;

Mode of Operation

Window and Glass Repair Brampton Inc. offers services on all window and glass needs including caulking and sealing.
As soon as we receive your call, we respond by;


A group of handymen arrives at the client's place to assess the damage and discover where the air leaks are.


We draft a quotation for our clients, send it to them, and wait for the agreement or approval of the client.


The team of deployed handymen begins to fill out the leaks with our tools. We caulk the leaks with waterproof sealing agents and ensure the windows are airtight.


We offer same day service deliveries and emergency fixes too.


We check for any other window damage the client may have missed in the description and advise them accordingly.


If any of our services develop issues before the due date, we are obliged to fix the damage free of charge. However, this doesn’t hold if the damage was caused by external forces.

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